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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 22, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PST

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>> reporter: thanks to bill. >> and having been to five of these now, republican and democrat, it's always a great day for america. tomorrow, politics as usual. thanks for watching abc news, check in for "good morning america" we're always online at ñ
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>> and it's happening in the east bay. intense man hunt going on right now for a man accused of shooting an oakland police officer. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn i don't know son. want to take you right to the scene. sky 7 hd of head where police are out in full force tonight. we are told the wounded officer was working undercover when he was shot. iso he is expected to survive. >> shooting happened around 6:30 on the 1700 block of seminary avenue near international boulevard. >> 7 news is live in the neighborhood with the latest on the man hunt there allen? >>reporter: this is all happening just down the street from me. we still have choppers in the air and we are being told this was as you mentioned an undercover officer who was shot while investigating another shooting that happened yesterday. rate
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now police say they have one man detaped and still lacking for 2 others believed to be armed and dangerous in the neighborhood. just east of the coliseum. swat members along with police officers and canin n canines have closed down several streets as they conduct a yard to yard search for these 2 armed men. all went down around 6:30 this evening when the under con officer confronted by 3 men here on seminary avenue. how many officers were present and did they return fire? ichltd unknown at this time if the officer returned fire. there was one officer involved in the incident. >>reporter: was he or she in the car or on foot when the shooting happened? >> we believe that he was in his car. that's as much as we know right now. >>reporter: police aren't saying exactly what triggered that shooting. there are several neighbors complaining because they aren't allowed instance the perimeter but the guns are drawn and they just
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can't take any chances. again police have one man detained and still searching for 2 men believed to be armed and dangerous. police say they shot under con officer tonight in the arm. he is however expected to recover. reporting live in oakland, abc 7 news. thank you. >> while covering the officer involved shooting sky 7 had someone shine a laser on it twice. first time the person is behind the windy but you can see the laser flashing. second time the man is standing there watching our chopper. and then pulls out the laser and shines it again. our guys in the chopper are okay. police took the man into custody. another shooting this one in brentwood sent 4 people to the hospital. sky 7 hd over the scene on brent drive shortly after 6 tonight. victims all between the ages of 13 and 16 shot outside a house. wounds are serious but not considered life threatening. police tell thus was a drive-by shooting and the investigation
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has just begun gentleman it was a long inauguration day and tonight for the president and first lady but they ended on a very sweet note. ♪ mr. and mrd mrs. obama slow dance as jennifer hudson serenaded them. they joan 40,000 people including military members at 2 gala tonight. performers included alicia, perry and cast of glee. tomorrow lady gaga is rumored to be performing at private function held for the president campaign staff. >> more than 1 million people packed the streets of washington to joan the second inaugural for president. [ sworn]. >> congratulations mr. mr. president. [applause]. >> he was sworn in today using a pair of bible one belonged to dr. martin luther king jr. and the other president lincoln. in the inaugural speech the president talked about his
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focus on the next 4 years. deficit. immigration rae fovrment and the fight against climate change. he called on americans to solve our nation's problems together. >> my fellow americans we are made for this moment and we will seize it as long as we sei [applause] together. [applause]. >>reporter: and president obama spoke of unity today from the capitol steps but some key component of the second term agenda we spoke today is hardly easy for democrats and republicans to agree on. and dealing with climate change. >> that's right. after a year of record breaking droughts and of course hurricane sandy, president obama placed climate change center stage as he embarks on second term. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change. knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. [applause]. >> the president spoke on climate change more than any other issue in the inaugural
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address. >> a little surprising because this isn't an issue that he focused a lot on in the campaign. but maybe not so surprising because presidents do start to think about the legacy in the second term. >> last 4 years have been extremely disappointing for those of us working on climate crisis. on the flip side if president obama is sincere the proof will be in what he does over the next 4 years and there is tremendous amount he can do on his own without congressional action. >>reporter: democrat say they are setting in motion an aggressive campaign that will not be built on compromise. >> well i think he's indicating that he's willing to use the powers of the executive branch through the about power of the epa and through executive orders as president. e-president obama is expected to clamp down on emission from coal burning plants and push for adopting new energy efficiency standards for home appliances. executive director
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of the sierra club said they are hearten by the president remark and renew vow to respond to the threat of climate disruption. >> path towards sustainable energy source will be long and sometimes difficult. but american not resist the transition. we must lead it. >>reporter: now critic say climate change action could cost not only money but jobs. we know a lot more as the president outlines details in his up come state of the union address. >> thank you. >> the president also became the first in u.s. history to mention the word gay during an inaugural address. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyelsn else under the law. [applause]. >> president obama has been criticized by gay rights activist in the past for moving too slowly with policy changes. today human rights groups laud the president for the strong stand on gay rights.
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>> he has been criticized in the past. again. for those but today was of course also a celebration. after the president finish his speech and first lady michelle walked down constitution avenue to cheer the crowd. daughter sasha and malia joined them in a special viewing area where they snapped photo and danced a little as bands marched>> past. >> come here and talk about the weather forecast. another nice day around the bay area. spencer is in for sandhya tonight. >> look at the first weather forecast here starting with live doppler 7 hd. more cloud cover now than we had earlier that may keep temperatures from dropping quit so low than earlier thought. right now temperature readings of 37 in novato and chilly in few spots. 13 santa rosa and livermore and we have 40's right around the bay but as we look ahead to our morning low instead of numerous readings in the 20s it looks lake the coldest weather mainly around 30 at santa rosa, 31 at napand livermore and live2
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concord. 28 or between in fairfield that looks like it will be the cold spot overnight. we have another mild day comi tomorr tomorrow ad some big changes in our pattern by midweek tell you all about that in a few minutes. >> thanks spencer vichlt police in hayward on the look out for thieves who stole a dozen cars from used car lot did. they broke into the auto world on mission boulevard early this evening. employee says they broke through the front gate. kicked in the office door then snatched the key from his a lock box. cars are estimated to be worth 20 200,000 dollars. auto world owner says huge set back for the business. >> over all first of the year is the toughest then after that hopefully everything but us a can see every day used car lot closes. it's very difficult issue. >> police are searching for 4 people who were seen on nearby surveillance video. >> neighbors in rohnert park are calling man hero tonight after he helped save the lives of 5 people during an apartment fire. take a look. terrified
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residents jumped from the window to escape. trevor caught 2 children then their mother who jumped from second story window then brought a ladder to neighboring apartment so those residents could climb out of their window. the fire apparently started in carport. caused 1 million dollars in damage. no one was sear u usually hurt obviously this is cell phone video we have for you. >> developing news north of sacramento where a building fire continues to burn at biel air force base. flames burst from the civil year ago building early this afternoon. structure heavily damaged. flames are now out but heavy smoke continues to pour from the building. firefighters are expected to remain on the scene all night to watch for any flare-ups. no word on how the fire started. basis about 40 miles north of the state capitol. >> new at 11:00. las vegas woman is suing after man that she met on the dating web site attacked her. she says match failed to disclose the dangers of on line daiingt. man stabbed and beat her when she ended things with him after
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8 days. match says the man is sick and twisted but had no known criminal record and calls the 10 million dollar lawsuit absurd. just last year match agreed to screen for sex offenders after california woman was sexually assaulted by a man that she met on the web site. future of piece of world history remains in the balance tonight. big chunk of the berlin wall ended up in unusual place on the peninsula. big question now where do they go from here. that story ahead. >> also remembering the past to better the future. important history lesson for the next generati on on this martin luther king jr. holiday. >> and luring adult into save the life. amazing image of under water rescue. >> stay with us we'll
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>> we are still on the scene of breaking news in oakland. sky 7 hd live over the neighborhood where police are searching for 2 people suspected of shooting undercover officer. he was hit in the arm early tonight at international boulevard seminary avenue. that officer expected to live. we just got word that a second man is now
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in custody so they are searching for one more. update on the breaking news for you tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. >> new at 11:00 where to put pieces of the berlin wall divide city leaders in mountain view. received 2 learning sections ovtd wall as donation. right now they are on display at app office park. now the initial plan was to put the sections in one of 3 city park parks. people have called the section large pieces of ugly cement and prefer flowers or trees to enhance the park beauty. >> i really think it should go in a place where people can see it. one possibility is here at city hall. in our big plaza so a lot of people come through here. we have big events so that would be another possibility. >> after recent meeting city council members voted for staff to come up with if you more options to consider. >> nation last remaining freedom train khuingd from san jose to san francisco today asco part of the annual local celebration of martin luther king jr. birthday. the freedom train is especially
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charter cal train arrested part of the learning experience on this hotel day. many those on board brought along their grand children hoping they learn the lesson of tolerance. compassion. equality from dr. dr. king. participant then walk from the train station in san francisco to the gardens for program celebrating king's legacy. we have a different perspective tonight on sunday maverick surf competition. this is dave trying to catch a a wave when peter rides up on him. watch this. there it is. the 43-year-old male would we know the competition in his 8 attempt. mel split the 50,000 dollars wings with the other top finisher. video from go pro which had camera on the board of each competitor giving us pretty remarkable views. incredible video out of hawaii tonight. >> bottle nose dolphins approaches a diver with a knif knife. dolphins saw the diver had been cutting fishing line off entangled manta ray and the fin was caught too. it somehow
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knew to ask for help silently. dolphins not only showed the diver where the line was it seemed to trust the diver not to hurt him. isn't that something. diver cut the lane. dolphins swam away free just amazing stuff. >> wow! >> fans still is celebrating yesterday big win many sharing the forty-niner pride with us. deb sent us this picture of juan and his brother in arms celebrating the niners championship in korea that's where they are stationed and here's a lack at some of the younger forty-niner faithful kaepernicking of course. send your fan photo to us at this web site. >> big muscles on the little guys. >> yes. >> cute stuff. >> talk about the weather information. >> yes. spencer in for sandhya tonight. >> yes. we have a few cloud moving in tonight as well. look at live doppler 7 hd. clouds quite thin early. more wide spread now in just a little bit thick sore may keep low temperature from dropping way down to sub freezing level.
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writ now temperatures in the 30's inland and 40's right around the bay and near the coast. these are the forecast feature. cloud will increase even more late tomorrow. showers develop early wednesday mainly in the north bay. see much cooler weather by the weekend. quick look at tonight forecast low. we'll see 31 degrees at napa livermore see 30 at santa rosa. perhaps between at fairfield likely our cold spot right around the bay and close to the coast low in the upper 30's to low 40's. so it won't be freezing all across the bay area. satelliteism acknowledge shows ex passive area of clouds moisture offshore. frontal system there and look relatively weak but moving in our direction and we are likely to get light showers on wednesday mainly in the north bay. let's start our forecast animation 4:00 o'clock wednesday morning. notice as the showers become more wide spread and move in land they stay mainly in the north although some will probably drop just south of the golden gate. looks like mainly dry weather south bay and most east bay and rain again what rain
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does materialize is mainly in the northern part of the viewing area dropping says far south as san francisco and upper part of the peninsula. dry conditions mainly sunny with increasing clouds. later in the day. in the south by lack for high in the mid to upper 60's. 66 at san jose and cupertino. peninsula mid 60's. 66 at redwood city palo alto on the coast mid 60's at pacifica and after moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 65 degrees tomorrow. 64 in the sun set. with clouds of course becoming a little bit more apparent in the afternoon hour hours. up in the north bay clouds will arrive early in the day start to thicken before it warms up and highs probably not move far out of the low to mid 60's there tomorrow as high as 64 and santa rosa 65 if calistoga. on the east bay a little bit milder. high of 65 at sap leandro. 65 at oakland castro valley and fremont. inland east bay a little bit cooler. low 60's mainly there up to about 64 in livermore.
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63 walnut creek and danville and monterey bay the mildest weather in the entire bay area. see mainly low 70's right around santa cruz watsonville salinas holster and gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast. showers wednesday. mainly north bay. looks like pretty weak system so don't expect it to be a very soggy day. we dry out on thursday. have a cool dry pattern thursday through monday. in fact over the weekend into monday we see high pressure only in the mid 50's. so pretty chillylake weather but that's to be expected. we get interval of milder cooler weather through the midwinter. >> thanks. >> everyone still talking about the niners of course. >> niners harbaugh. coaches hate. that great stuff. >> i would rather not talk about it. >> yes. >> jim harbaugh thinks it's blessing and curse facing his brother in the superbowl. you want to guess the one thing that neither of them want to talk about? talk about? sports is next
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> good evening. on a good day jim harbaugh can barely tolerate the media. now he's walking into the buzz saw of
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the super bell and first ever facing his brothers in new orleans. he wants to talk about football. to use one of his favorite expressions he dent want to peel back the on i don't know to discuss his inner feelings. harbaugh now they do recognize this is special. first ever meeting of brothers coaching against each other in a superbowl. yes. they recognize that. nonetheless it's the last thing they want to talk about. >> every moment you are talking about myself or john, that's less, less time that the players are going to be talked about. fighters are first. the ones that are playing in the game. the players. they are the ones that have the most to do with it. and they are the ones we should be talking about. >> we are not that interesting. there is nothing more to learn. the tape across the middle of the room story, okay. you got it. it's okay. just like any other family.
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>>reporter: when they were kids they had the tape there don't cross-over this line that's my side of the room. any way, superbowl when it comes to the sawp bowl we have you covered at 7 news. mike and i heading up the coverage from new orleans. perched on bourbon street i have been tol told. live report from the big easy begins superbowl week. that is the spot right there. warriors would love to see david lee and curry both chosen for the all star team. curry showed the clippers today he definitely belongs. warriors play game on martin luther king jr. out in force. on holiday. you can't do a clipper highlight without a dunk. it's a law. it is. there it is. griffin 26 points 13 rae bound. jefferson bringing energy off the bench for golden state. swatting the former warrior crawford then up the court. rj to the rack. warriors led 5 53-52 at the half. curry had 6 assist in the game right here. lead for thompson using both hands. 18 for clay. curry was
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not just hot. he was volcanic. in the fourth quarter erupting for 4 straight and 16 points in the fourth on his way to total of 28 points. david lee playing on bad ankle decided he had to play in the game. staying witness for 12 points. warriors take 3 of 4 from the first place clippers this season. 106 to 99. but we are that the second week of the australian open. quarter final action down under. spaniard the 4 seed facing no. 10 nicholas. dressed in almost exactly the same outfit. at the bottom of the screen rip back hand down there and that's when things went wrong. bricks him rate here to take the third set. then the fourth and has complete melt down after that. he's just mentally shot. he's lost to him 13 straight times now. no contest in the fifth.
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moves on 6-2. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> they have a double match later together. >> so ridiculous to have them dress exactly the same thing. >> odd how the australia open recommended everyone wear yellow. >> sponsorship thing. but exactly the same? .> rethink. that thanks larry >> yes? coming up next. first couple big dance. >> internet buzzing in tonight >> internet buzzing in tonight inauguration gala sebeheba u s y
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about. >> time for a look at the wake up weather. sunrise occur at 7:21 tomorrow. we'll have cold conditions inland. thin high clouds but sun fairly brit as well. low pressure ranging from 28 to 5:00 a.m. warming up to this at 8:00 a.m. >> thanks spencer. >> the presidential inauguration went wild on social media tonight 30. were 1.1 million tweet during the ceremony that compares to just 82,000 back in 2009. >> even the first daughter had smart phones in hand. snapping pictures of dad big day. and during the gala this evening post all about the first lady custom made ruby chiffon velvet gunnel gant. the steiner
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designed the dress she wore at the first inauguration. he did a beautiful job the second time around. >> special day in washington. >> jimmy kimmel live ghins a few minutes with ryan gosling and musical guest broader paisley. >> 2012 hottest year ever in the united states. average temperature was more than 3 degrees hotter than average. and yet somehow my fiance is always cold. i don't know how that works. all 48. >>reporter: i can relate to that. >> always cold too. "nightline"next. >> thanks for joining us the inauguration as a fashion
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event. find out which designer or designers are getting an immediate career boost. coming up. "world news now" weather brought to y


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